Female Commercial Demo

2020 Commercial VO Demo – Produced by Chuck Duran (Demos That Rock!)


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Commercial VO Demo


Z107 Chippendales Radio VO Promo 


Don’t you just miss the days when finding that perfect commercial VO demo was as easy as pulling out a box of cassette tapes or CDs that had come in the mail?  Yeah.  Me either!  

Finding your project’s perfect voice is sooo much easier now that we have this little old thing called the Internet (thanks Al Gore!).  Even if I AM obsessed with the 90s, I do love where technology has taken us — especially since I can use those old floppy disks I have lying around as coasters.  Really, it’s a thing!  If you’d like a sample of your own script from my home studio, please feel free to reach out on my VO Quote Fillable Form I made just for you. You can email me too, if you’d like.  Don’t worry, I won’t respond by snail-mailing obsolete media, I’ll email you back.  Pinkie promise.  

Otherwise, keep hanging on this page where you’ll find a bunch of my commercial demos, the latest one from this year (woo 2020!) was produced by the AMAZING Chuck Duran at Demos That Rock!  Seriously, if you haven’t seen his work — do yourself a favor and check it out!  But only after you listen to my demos, of course.  Isn’t that why you’re here?  Wait — why are you even still reading this?  Don’t you have some listening to do?!?!   Maybe you DO want that floppy disk coaster demo…